Jennifer Bisbing • Writer • Editor

Jennifer Bisbing • Writer • Editor


September 30, 2011
by bisbing
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While in grad school, I studied literary criticism, and for two years, I read more books than I thought was humanly possible. Week after week, class after class, we took apart story after story. What I learned is that strong opinions about the same body of work will probably always differ. However, if an author writes with clarity about his or her theme, readers will have greater insight and appreciation. So that’s what I do now—I help authors with clarity. And I also write book reviews. To further assist authors with illuminating the heart of their books and remove distractions, I obtained a Chicago Manual of Style Postgraduate Editing Certificate from the University of Chicago.

In my debut novel, Under the Pines, interwoven within the fictitious plot, I reveal childhood memories of being raised by a renowned forensic scientist. I take you back in time to a Michigan with landlines, pet rocks, rust-colored carpets, and before the advent of DNA testing. My poetry chapbook documents a year of outdoor adventure in Idaho and Montana. I also dabble in photography — taking after my grandfather, who loved documenting America on Kodachrome. When I’m not behind a viewfinder or working with words, I’m hiking up mountains. To purchase Under the Pinesclick here.