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A collection of unexpected, sharp poems that reveal what it is like to be lost in the wilderness—searching for home, where preference comes up against some surprising conflicts, both inward and external. At 48, Bisbing starts backpacking solo in Montana—where nature humbles her. Wildness is different in Montana. She’s run across lion prides in Zimbabwe that looked tamer than her first grizzly sighting. She’s encountered gang members in Chicago flashing their firepower who look less dangerous than bearded men in the backcountry toting rifles. As a murder mystery author and the daughter of a renowned forensic scientist, it isn’t by mistake that villains linger in Bisbing’s work. She invites you to walk this treacherous path with her. Hit the pages like you’re stepping on the trail. See what’s tucked between the words in each poem, and find what she discovered out there in the wild and in a diner booth.

Advance Praise

“I like the way these poems jar my brain in such unexpectedly sly ways. The beginning of ‘Open Range’ shifts the ground beneath our expectations, conjuring distant emotions or childhood dreams. If these poems fail to jumpstart your imagination, then my friend, you’ve been in town too long.” —Swain Wolfe, Montanan author of The Lake Dreams the Sky, The Parrot Trainer, The Boy Who Invented Skiing, and The Woman Who Lives in the Earth (translated into fourteen languages)

“The poems are full of intriguing imagery and fascinating turns of phrase.” —Charlotte Pence, director of the Stokes Center for Creative Writing at University of South Alabama

“One thing that strikes me about [Bisbing’s] work is that, though there appears longing for specific ‘others,’ there is no evidence that life is incomplete without ‘other.’ This is remarkable on so many levels, and especially in terms of poetry, so refreshing.” —Jeff Kober, Montanan award-winning actor and author of Embracing Bliss

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