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October 1, 2011
by bisbing
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Manuscript Review

You’ve spent countless hours writing this book. Your friends and family say it’s good, but now you need an objective opinion.

A manuscript review gives you professional feedback without the financial and time commitment of a developmental edit.

My review will include a detailed report, with no in-line comments or editing for spelling, punctuation, grammar. The report will include an evaluation to see if your work has issues with structure and flow, content, proper use of The Chicago Manual of Style. I will evaluate if the writing is prone to telling instead of showing. If the narrative is weak. If the book is over describing the action, a common mistake. Also, examine the work to see if the conflicts are believable. And if the manuscript is providing enough information or talking over the audience. Or if the character’s dialogue tags are getting in the way of the flow. And if there are issues, I will also point out the strengths so that you can carry forward with those.

The starting price for a Manuscript Review is $800 for up to an 80,000-word manuscript.

Line Editing

Provide line-by-line input for clarity with a focus on pacing, flow, and tone, including grammar and other mechanics of style


Proofing for grammar, spelling, punctuation, and internal consistency of facts and presentation

Per Project Basis — Starting rate: $.02 per word

To book a book review contact BlueInk Review.

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