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Jennifer Bisbing • Writer • Editor

December 1, 2011
by bisbing
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chapter 3

Under the Pines Reviews

“This book is unlike anything I’ve read before. Bisbing does a great job capturing Josie’s young perspective and hopeful outlook while facing dark situations. Her father catches murderers and she catches dark dreams that turn true, but at heart, she is always a child. Many twists and turns, many murders and complex family relationships make Under the Pines a compelling read. The characters are expertly developed and stay with you long after you are done reading.” Kirsten Srinivasan, writer

The novel rides a deep conflict between young Josie’s paranormal abilities and the “adult” world of murder and its associated personal, emotional, and social ripples which give the story its spark and draws the reader on as it follows the clues seen and intuited by Josie. The various relationships create a second level of tension between Josie and her parents and between Josie and her father’s law enforcement colleagues. In other words, in this novel either you can’t trust anybody or you don’t know who you can trust, all of which combines to produce a slightly unsettling, but always interesting read.” Timothy W. Drescher, Ph.D

“Jennifer surprised me with Under the Pines. Although the crimes and crime scene investigations (CSI) are made up (fictional), the forensic science is authentic with regard to the technology and the personology (factors influencing character’s lives); there are accurate descriptions of scientific techniques and accurate descriptions of criminalists’ biases and approaches to a forensic investigation. Remarkably, Jennifer captured the tension of the nighttime CSI following some horrific violence and the resulting stress on investigators and families alike. As a father of two daughters, parts of the story made me a little sad thinking how the CSI of too many cases might adversely affect my family. Nevertheless, as I read it for the first time, I couldn’t put it down, thinking: where will little Josie go next; what’s she up to now; and what will happen next to the people around her? You’ll be surprised like I was.” Richard Bisbing, forensic scientist

Under the Pines is not the kind of book that you put down and stop thinking about completely: The combination of Josie’s curious and youthful character, the dark crime saga, and the surrealist tint from characters like Josie’s grandmother…all of these things stay with you between reading sessions. This book is fast-paced and has lots going on, part crime mystery and part character study. The crime elements are well researched and believable, and our investment in Josie grows and grows with each page. I loved the balance between dark and hopeful. Handling such a young narrator can be tricky, but Bisbing strikes just the right pitch. Can’t wait for the sequel!” Anna Joranger, writer