chapter 4 | Jennifer Bisbing • Writer • Editor

Jennifer Bisbing • Writer • Editor

October 1, 2011
by bisbing
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chapter 4


Told through the eyes of eight-year-old Josie Banks whose recently inherited psychic gifts meld science with the paranormal, Under the Pines is a fast-paced and surprising story of abduction, mistrust, and murder. Author Jennifer Bisbing intertwines her own 1970′s childhood memories of life with a renowned forensic scientist into an authentic whodunit. Drawing on her father’s career — which included forensic consulting on high-profile cases like the O.J. Simpson trial and JonBenét Ramsey murder, as well as the hit CBS show CSI — Bisbing reveals how one girl, powerful beyond measure, can derail conventional crime scene investigation.


“Chilling details, wonderfully developed, complex characters.” — K.B. Jensen

“Page turner. A new concept, new type of story. Haven’t read anything like it before.” — Amazon Reviewer

“Any book which changes our brain, or makes us think from a different point of view, is a good read. This story made me uncomfortable. It left me a little shaken up.”  — Goodreads