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This old greystone

There is a spider in my chandelier; she (I really cannot determine the sex from my yoga mat) is trapped. She has been trapped for weeks; her endurance to circle and try to climb out of the lamp is admirable. Just when I think she is dead, she goes round and round. I have grown fond of her at this distance, and I never know if I should be rooting for her gentle passing or for her to carry on the hope of escaping. This brings me to—do I help her? Now if I found this spider on my floor, wall, or any other surface in my home, I would be smashing her with wadded-up Kleenex. But I struggle with letting her suffer. I would like to think that I could climb a ladder and gently help the lady out, but I would freak out and probably fall off the ladder. I have thought about devising a long pole with a piece of paper that might create some distance between me and her eight legs. Then what do I do with her—she dies if I take her outside—it is cold regardless of the unseasonably warm winter. I cannot imagine just letting her crawl around my house. For now, her laps decrease and my fondness grows.

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