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Part 5

What neighborhood is this?

Traveling from Hyde Park via Lake Shore Drive to Roosevelt Road then north on Damen Avenue, friends and I went on a self-guided tour of Chicago’s mix-and-matched streets. From the Boulevards on the Southside to the hipster dive bar in Wicker Park, you can turn a car into a moving museum witnessing culture materialize in the strangest places. We saw a bit of everything—there was the Southside Krispy Kreme salesman sporting a hat, peddling boxes of the donuts in the median strip of 63rd to the pampered miniature dog in the window of Bark’s doggy daycare on the Near West Side. And how about all those people eating food from modified trucks gathered in a parking lot, possibly the same ground of the World’s Fair, with food orders being recorded for news material or maybe for historical data added to a time capsule—labeled, “look at what these silly humans are doing now.” It seems each major intersection on our drive indicated that we were entering another neighborhood—a boundary someone calls home, almost as if they live in a small town not swallowed up by this metropolis.

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